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Support us!

Here in below is the information for those who would like to support the club through donation. There are several options:

- through bank transfer in our account:



First Investment Bank


- Through the system of 


We remind that for donation in favour of non-profit legal entities, registered in the Central Registry of non-profit legal entities for socially useful activity (such as SRCC Varnaclimbing),

the individuals are entitled to tax relief of up to 5% from the annual tax base, and the legal entities are entitled to tax relief of up to 10% from their accounting profit!

Herein are the documents we offer to donators depending on whether they are individuals or legal entities:

- Donation agreement;

- Donation certificate;

Donation certificate;

 Thank you!



Description Amount
Donation for "Varnaclimbing" BGN
Payment is made through - Internet payment service via cards and micro-accounts
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