Stan Kalov

Age: 29
Climbs since: 2008

He begins climbing in 2008, when he finishes the spring climbing course. He participates in republicans junior sport climbing competitions till 2011 and also in Vraca Rock Climbing Competition and Ruse Rock Climbing Competition.

Ruse Rock Climbing Competition, autumn 2010 - 3rd place, with Stanislav Stanasov

Vraca Rock Climbing Competition, spring 2011 - 2nd place, with Rosen Rafailov.
Ruse Rock Climbing Competition, autumn 2011 - 1st place, with Rosen Rafailov.
Students sport climbing competition - autumn 2011 - 4th place SPEED Climbing и Difficulty.
Round of cup "Bulgaria", October 2011, NSA - 4th place Difficulty.

National students sport climbing competition organized by AUS "Academic", 25.11.2012 - 5th place Difficulty

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