In the statue are out the rights and obligations on club members and for not be repeat here we will say with couple of words what gives you membership in the club. If you like the nature, climbing, camping, and all connection with this activity, 100% in the Club You will find the peoples which are involved in your hobby, the peoples will be more under the rocks, in the mountain, in the forest ... and the party will be better. If You want to climb, You can spend a training course at the Club, and when You are a member, You can safely use all club equipment. This is one of the main targets on the club, providing this expensive equipment, to help promote the climbing. If You want to leave something behind You in the climbing history, You can join the group of peoples, who equip new routes. The club organizes equipping new facilities with the idea of rock climbing to grow more. If You want to compete, here You can find good coaches who will develop an individual program and will help in training. A Club has established a system for assessing the quality of its competitors, which are separated by means of them. Thus, as a member of the Club, You will be able to take part in national competitions of the costs of the Club. For lovers of climbing on artificial walls, the Club made a discount for members (with regular monthly membership fee), who work on the wall in the Black Sea Hall.

In short it is, there are 3 times more things that can't be listed. You can touch to find out, and as the site admin says " We are not responsible if You like it "!


To become a member of sports and rock climbing Club "Varnaclimbing" should be familiar with the Statute and should complete application for membership.


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